Q. How important is your website copy?
A. More than you think.

Many people invest in great website design, then attempt to write the copy (wording) themselves. It may save some money initially, but how many potential clients will they lose if the copy isn’t great?

People have limited attention spans online and don’t ‘read’ websites, they ‘scan’ them. Your website needs to be succinct, engaging and appealing to your ideal client!

We specialise in succinct, engaging web copy written to:

  • make an impact
  • convert visitors to clients and customers

increase your google ranking. Page 1 is the aim!

Not your average copywriter.

Jane has a Master of Business (Marketing & Communications) and brings a marketing perspective to all her writing. She has written the copy for many websites representing businesses across diverse sectors.

An experienced Marketing Consultant as well as a Copywriter, Jane considers the following before writing one word:

  •  Target market. Who are they, what makes them tick? How can we appeal to them?
  • Competitors. How can you stand out from everyone else? What have they done well with their websites?
  • The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and key differentiators of the business

How could a page 1 search ranking impact on your business?

It’s been brilliant for us.

Look up ‘Marketing Consultant Brisbane’, or ‘Small Business Marketing Consultant Brisbane’.

We’re there on page 1. That was achieved with a great website design, and our own keyword optimised copy.

Achieving a page 1 ranking is not easy, it can take several months, and reaching it depends on how competitive your industry is and a few other factors. We think you might as well have a red hot go!


Real Results

I have had many new clients from our website and I know it’s from the copy. They have told me without prompting that the way our website reads is great – in particular, the way it sets us apart from our competitors. After working with you I know that the way you write is on a totally different level– it’s MUCH more than I expected – smart, clear, concise and engaging. You intuitively know what readers need and want.
 The purpose of our website copy is to get the reader to make contact, which is a big ask, and your text has proven to do that. Thank you.”

Stephanie Skyring
Skyring Architects

Jane went above and beyond to write great website copy for us. She doesn’t just do the basics, she really thinks about what could add value to your website and is proactive in making suggestions. Nothing is too difficult for her – absolutely worth the investment!”
Kursat Dogan
Efendi’s Turkish Restaurant 

“After many attempts to find a good copy writer for my website the designer introduced me to Jane Clark. 
From our very first meeting, I knew that Jane was the person I was going to trust to produce the quality of work that I wanted.  I am very pleased with the work Jane has done. I have found that Jane is a delight to work with and that nothing is too much of a problem for her. I have found Jane an absolute gem, good gems are hard to find.”

George Crooks
Prohome Loan Solutions

Everything went so well with you – you were very easy to work with and you kept communication going regularly which I think is very important.  It has been a pleasure working with you!”
Leigh Hattin,
Update Renovate

“Jane quickly and efficiently wrote my whole website. After a few brief phone calls and emails, Jane researched everything and basically nailed the copy the first time.”
Tony Cruse
Owner, Termex & Allguard Pool Fence Inspections

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