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National award winning Marketing Consultants specialising in Brand & Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing, Mining, Engineering and Professional Services.

Beyond digital marketing. We specialise in strategic marketing services.

Like our clients in Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering & Professional Services, we like to see results for our work. Our senior Marketing Consultants have a minimum 15 years industry experience, postgraduate qualifications and a proven track record in achieving results. We excel at devising holistic, strategic marketing advice, and we are proud of the results we achieve for our clients, along with our multiple industry awards.

We are regularly referred clients from the Queensland Government’s AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

What do a Mining Technology CEO, Law Firm MD and COO of a national Manufacturing company have in common? They invested in getting their brand positioning right and got results.

Industries we work with.

Our Marketing Consultants relish working in the following industries.

“After 20 years in the industry, we have seen strategic, informed marketing achieve far superior results to ad hoc, tactical marketing. We’ve won multiple awards based on this approach, but more importantly, we’ve made an often significant and tangible difference to our clients’ businesses.

That’s what drives us.”

Jane Clark, Founder, VIE Marketing

We’re different to the
average Marketing agency.

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“Hugely successful. After VIE’s work, we started getting engagement with some of the major mining companies in the world.”

Andrew Job,
Founder, CEO Plot Logic.