Clever Marketing Strategy

We help small to medium sized business owners

  • Attract more clients or customers
  • Raise awareness of a product or service
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Raise an individual’s or business’ profile in the media

Marketing Plans: Checkmate your opposition

We see so many clients who try the ‘fingers crossed’ approach to marketing – they will try ad hoc strategies here and there and hope one of them works. 

A marketing plan will provide a snapshot of your business in the context of your customers, your product or service, your target market and your competitors. It will identify opportunities which can be leveraged, weak areas to rectify and will give you a defined plan with clear strategies focused on achieving results.

Marketing Audits

Tried marketing before with mixed results? We will review your existing marketing and come up with a plan which will retain the strategies/tactics that have worked and also recommend other strategies that could fast track better results.

We also help you articulate your…

Elevator Pitch – You have 30 seconds or less to impress. What do you say about your business? This ties in with your…

Unique Selling Proposition – More than likely you have competitors offering a similar service or product. What makes you unique and stand out from your competitors? Let’s identify these and work them into your marketing materials.

Key Messages – What are the strongest aspects of your business? Longevity in the industry? Specialist skills? A particular offering? Level of customer service?.


Online Marketing Consultants with runs on the board

We partner with specialist in Online Marketing. They are clever, cost effective, ethical and driven to achieve results for clients. We engage them on projects where specialist digital marketing expertise is required.

Cost effective marketing

Anyone can be clever with a large budget to play with.  Devising cost effective, clever marketing strategies with a good return on investment is not so easy. 

It’s what we specialise in – whether you’re a start up sole trader or an established company.

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