How to get results from your digital marketing investment

We use an informed approach to devise a marketing strategy that will achieve your objective – raise awareness of your product or service, re-position your company among your target market, attract more customers, grow market share

Step 1

Establish your brand positioning – visuals + brand story

Step 2

Devise your strategy

Step 3

Roll out the tactics which will help you deliver each strategy, which includes digital marketing.


No ROI on your digital marketing investment? Here’s why

We have been approached by a large number of businesses that have invested significant amount of money on digital, with little to no return.

The reason this occurs is because the digital marketing agency consultant has taken a tactical approach. Create a website, or a facebook page. Run an adwords campaign. Do online advertising. Blow $$ on SEO.

Why doesn’t this approach work?

Because the most important work – the BRAND POSITIONING – hasn’t been clearly articulated and differentiated. The campaigns are directing potential clients/ customers to a website or other online platform that doesn’t resonate with them…or clearly differentiates the service/product…or doesn’t clearly meet their needs.


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Search Engine Marketing

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Linkedin company pages

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“We’ve tripled leads.”

Kylie Lockett, Power On Australia